In 1948 Adamo Busnelli laid in Meda the basis of what now is a dynamic production reality in continuous expansion.

The brothers Silvio and Claudio have inherited the company from their father Adamo - with whom they began working since they were young - and with a decisive boost to innovation, they have led to a radical modernization and expansion, building the industrial complex in Misinto, which fills up an area of about 10.000 square meters.

In 60 years' time since it was set up, the artisan workshop has turned into an industrial company: the investments in the most advanced equipment and machinery, the research and the adoption of new generation materials have now allowed our production to be the utmost perfection and quality.
Nevertheless, the company hasn't neglected the care of details - a typical feature of craftsmanship -, which keeps being a fundamental and indefeasible characteristic of the company.

This philosophy allowed the company -besides the continuous additions to the standard collections - to carry on with success and professional skills in the 'Contract' and custom-made production for both private residences and hotel furnishing.
The company is proud to have worldwide references of acknowledged level, from Europe to Middle East, to Russia and Asia

Mr. Silvio Busnelli can now avail himself of the collaboration of Daniela, Matteo and Marco, the third generation, who have inherited the family tradition and who are now ready to carry their task on with enthusiasm and competence to fulfil the founder's targets and guarantee the total quality of the finished product, that is completely MADE IN ITALY.